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About me

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I’m a queer, British Ghanaian/Indian visionary, living in London. I engage in the world as an Artist, Creative Facilitator, Yoga teacher and Activist who encourages play and celebrates diversity.

I try to use my experiences of being othered because of race, sexuality and gender to inspire my action "out in the world". I believe that although the healing that I dream of needs to happen on a collective scale, it is also deeply personal. I serve in order to free the little, podgy, hair black girl inside of me who believes she is ugly and she'd be more worthy if she were white.


At the beginning of 2022, I suffered a traumatic loss as my older brother was violently murdered by a group of young people. As I continue to process this loss (as someone who works with young people and is passionate about a future where prisons do not exist), the importance of change work, which is both intimate and widespread, socially and emotionally aware, keeps becoming clearer and clearer to me. It is urgent, but can't be completed in haste...we must move with heart. Especially over the last 5 years, I've used my culture and ancestral stories as a springboard to recognise what other healing needs to be done in my life, in the knowledge that me doing this and prompting others to explore in a similar way- with ownership and without shame- can bring the collective healing that we are looking for... 


I’m experienced in working with refugees, community leaders, young people and in corporate settings. My work prompts self inquiry, honesty and ownership around issues concerning freedom, justice and our interconnectedness, and I am driven to make healing experiences accessible to marginalised communities as a tool to unwind trauma across lines of oppression. This is reflected in workshops and trainings that I have run for Black/global majority people to anchor in their own empowerment since 2017, and similar training work that I have done to raise social justice consciousness within organisations and activist communities. The arts, including collective improvised music making, my own music performance, storytelling, somatic movement and writing are all woven into my facilitation with such groups.


My creative justice journey has led me into collaboration with so many inspiring people. The Creative Soul Collective is a community where I get to explore these themes with guests on our podcast and blog. I am also a board member for The OMpowerment Project, a non profit dedicated to making trauma sensitive healing accessible to marginalised people worldwide.


As well as seeing life itself as a constantly evolving piece of art, spiritual practise has brought me to understand that every one of us is a creator- an artist- of life, and also a creation- or artwork- of Spirit/The Great Mother. Even if it isn’t explicitly spoken, this truth anchors the message of empowerment that I share.


The aim of my work is to send participants and viewers into deeper self inquiry about their own lives and participation in our society, our planet and the cosmos. I wish for us to get curious and ask ourselves,


Why are we here?

In what ways is our liberation entangled?

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