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Red Listed by Mary Schnorrenberg


Recently I came to Egypt- my mother’s homeland- to check in with my frail, older Aunty, who’s thankfully doing very well. So I took myself back down to Sinai, a little coastal town I used to live in - with similar vibes to Goa- to chill by the sea, mountains and ‘smell the wind’ as the saying goes in Egyptian. Re-immerse myself with nature, earth, air, wind and fire of the sun, blessing my skin and reminding me of my natural essence as an intrinsic part of nature.

Within 3 weeks of me being here, not long after President Sisi has announced his support for Palestine and helping to find peace after this latest onslaught by Israel on Gaza and Sheikh Jarreh, UK announced that Egypt would be placed on the infamous Red List from the 8th of June, which is absolutely plaguing many travelers plans, a lot of my dear friends included.

This decision surprised me a lot; as from my lived experience of Egypt, especially here in Sinai, people are mask-free, fear-free, super-duper healthy, immersed in wondrous natural activities daily like diving ( free + scuba), climbing, hiking, swimming and either kite or windsurfing. Fresh, air, fresh fruits + vegetables, unprocessed food, connections and most importantly human touch is allowed and present; all these things influence and greatly affect our immunity, which many people have become highly confused about in the last year. SO the cases of covid here are very low. In fact, I’ve not seen such a large concentration of genuinely happy and healthy people, in a very long while at least.

Being labelled on this Red-List - which is supposed to reflect the cases of Covid- means absolutely nothing, especially coming from the likes of incompetent liars Matt Hancock and Boris, who have both proven themselves to be misleading and have profited financially from this pandemic. Which is disgusting in any language or lens you view from.

In all honesty, I personally have never been big on rules + regulations, mostly taken with a pinch of salt as I feel into what works best for my often unique circumstances. Being bi-racial and a third culture kid, I’ve often fallen between the cracks of society’s institutions. So I’m not one to give too much attention to government guidance as I’ve never been truly seen or served by the system, so while I do hear, I don’t really listen. To me government guidance is like really soft elevator music in the back of my mind - can easily be ignored and rarely credible enough to be amplified. Also with presentation of this news, I’ve seen from way back how mainstream media - like the BBC- present information and stories to serve their biases; of which there are many. So I stopped watching the news since April 2020 and have a lot more sanity since.

Also when one lacks the framework and safe (illusional safety) container that confines most people, freedom is immediately amplified and thoroughly explored.

Essentially I live my life and navigate reality through my internal guidance system of instinct and intuition combined with some intellect, which has served me well for the last 40 years.

So why change?

Whereas I know that most westerners place a huge emphasis on the intellect, focusing on science and facts as the only way to KNOW. This is a flawed way of living as inherently one is relying on the current limited measuring tools of whatever is available in science to measure and test stuff. Again, this is often flawed, limited and BIASED depending on which organisation ( often big tech or big pharma) who are conducting the tests and studies.

So to be OTHERED this way mid-holiday on account of the admittedly inconclusive science of PCR tests that apparently have put Egypt on the Red List is totally laughable, as I know from experience Egypt is safer than the UK. Not to mention much freer and lighter in density at the moment, which I felt immediately once the plane took off.

In addition to this, the rainbow list of travel guidance- or Farce Force as I call it, labels Egypts’s neighbours - Jordan (amber list) and Israel (green list) prove this is all absolute rubbish and no real reflection of infection rates rising. Rather it clearly emphasises who the UK’s closest buddies are. The red-list is nothing more than a traffic light system of who has the strongest political relationship with the UK, right now. Israel and the UK have long been partners in crimes against humanity - which needs to be acknowledged to understand why Egypt has been red-listed. From the outside looking in from Sinais’ breathtaking time-space reality, it is absolutely clear that there is an agenda. What that fully is, I cannot say. But from my perception and experience of being ‘othered’ on an individual level most of my life, and now being in this gorgeous paradise of Egypt - where the whole country has been othered by the clowns in charge, I know the Fear project is in full effect. As freedom and the frequency of love exists so strongly over here on the ‘Red List’ and feels utterly beautiful.

So if you have never asked questions about the other side, about the solidity and ‘reality’ of your fears, the nature of this pandemic or even the basic question:

“Does my government really have my best interest at heart? “ You NEED to do so now. We all need to move out of our discomfort zones and question this one narrative that’s being pushed so aggressively and vehemently right now, by those who lead us.

What I suggest you do as soon as possible is to call up your best mate, someone you completely trust, allocate a whole afternoon, make a huge pot of herbal tea and explore that rabbit hole, ask every damn question that you have suppressed this last year, clogging up your throat + heart + solar plexus chakras and then sit with the discomfort of the answers or the Unknown. Just sit with it, you don't need to DO anything with the information, though know on a deeper level that Knowledge IS Power and in time you will feel what is right to do with the information. As it’s beyond obvious that these are strange and dark times indeed, when a safe country like Egypt is red-listed while it’s ethnic cleansing neighbours are not AND when adverse reactions - including deaths - from vaccines are being ignored; it’s crystal clear that there is more to this narrative than meets the eye. Remember knowledge is power, please ask questions with your loved ones together, get informed then galvanise with the newfound information. Create a conscious community of care to support each other’s nervous and immune systems through this process - this is truly how we stay safe and sane. We don’t stay safe by living in lockdown, in fear and by stopping absolutely every aspect of our lives that adds up to actual living.

Because No-one is Free until Everyone is Free.

Feel free to ask questions or reach out for support through body and breathwork.

In love n light xx

Born in Australia to an Egyptian mother and German father, Mary is a true global citizen. She writes, teaches yoga, offers massage and makes eco-friendly yoga products. To contact Mary, visit her website.

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