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"Facilitation is the art of helping people be together."

-adrienne maree brown


I facilitate workshops, seminars, classes, youth projects and courses. To find out about public projects that I have coming up, take a look at the events page.

For me, the role of a facilitator is to bring out the best in a group of individuals. To inspire them to share as much of their own wisdom as possible whilst not overloading them with my own voice and opinions, but also sharing my own knowledge, research and skills to support the group's learning, bonding and empowerment.

As well as giving talks and supporting conversation, I use creative processes such as:

to get the best out of communities.

group writing & storytelling

yoga & meditation

visual art & representations

and group sounding

Project Management

I love getting people together. Using the skills mentioned above, I have curated and facilitated courses, creative wellbeing retreats, charity events and seminars, and also collaborated with other creatives, not-for-profits, community organisers and corporate organisations to make their events possible.


Whether you are looking to create a training online or in person, want to bring embodied awareness to your Transformative Justice programming, or want to make a plan to bring Social Justice awareness to your company, I'd love to discuss your plans with you.

Event Creation
Writing and Speaking

Writing and speaking

Everyone is creative 

We are all entangled

Diversity is a gift of life

We all need to be seen and heard

Sensitivity is a superpower

One of the things I live for is insightful conversation around these Big Ideas. Whether you are looking for someone to speak on your podcast, join your panel or write for your publication, feel free to reach out to me.

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